Optimize your potential through

integrative mind-body alignment.

Coaching and holistic bodywork programs for creative leaders and healthcare professionals ready to do the deep work and explore profound–and unexpected—possibilities.

Find easemovement, and awareness 
through optimal alignment and heart-centered connection.

The Duchêne MethodSM

To fully show up for others, we must first show up for ourselves.


That’s why I’ve designed The Duchêne MethodSM: a unique coaching approach that uses my 3-step proprietary system:

1. Acknowledge

2. Engage

3. Support

By cultivating a solid (yet fluid) foundation—built on creating healthy boundaries, developing the art of mindful communication, and holding an unshakeable responsibility to the self—The Duchêne MethodSM will empower you in making strategically sound and heartfelt decisions to enhance the quality of your life, and the lives of others.

One-On-One VIP Coaching

Through mindful communication and powerful shifts based in The Duchêne MethodSM, we will work to consciously navigate challenges— be they physical, emotional, mindset, or spiritual—that’s restricting you from your true potential so you can live a better, more productive, and balanced life.

Group Coaching For Creative Leaders & Healthcare Practitioners

You long for the skills to connect with people, deliver heart-centered care, and inspire others through life-changing lessons. Through The Duchêne MethodSM, we’ll explore creative communication and self-awareness tools to help refine yourself and embrace the process of change.

Hellerwork Structural Integration (in NYC)

Hellerwork Structural Integration offers alignment via three distinct components: structural bodywork focused on fascial release, therapeutic dialogue, and movement patterning awareness so you can experience a balanced body, increased flexibility, and ease of movement.

Stillness Touch Healing Sessions (in NYC)

Stillness Touch healing sessions take a deeply restorative approach to accessing internal healing mechanisms. By allowing for your body’s intelligence to take over its healing process, you can travel inward to become a more fully embodied version of yourself.

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